HIFA takes break, to return 2017

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) has announced that it will skip next year’s edition and will be running in 2017 and likely to venture into more avenues like sports.th

At a press conference held at Royal Harare Golf Club, the festival said it would take time out to reinvent itself over the next 18 months as it gears up for its Next Level.

Said Chairman Muchadei Masunda:

We’ve had to reinvent ourselves. All of you have been invited to  come and see an even more exciting level of HIFA. Thank you for your support in the past and we look forward to working with you as we take it to the next level.

Director Maria Wilson added:

HIFA is not going anywhere. We are here to stay. What you are about to see is expansion. We will create more platforms for artists and their development. This is not a gap year. For the next 18 months we will be building up to the next HIFA as you know it will be in 2017.

Founder Manuel Bagorro then highlighted five new areas of programming, Presents, Play, Engage, Events and Amigos which will be rolled out throughout that period.

It is interesting territory that the festival is going into and we can only wish them the absolute best.

Going to be a weird six days at the end of April 2016…


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